Dodge That Anvil!

Dodge That Anvil! 1.0

A simple and amusing game about rabbits, vegetables and anvils
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Dodge That Anvil! is a new title from Rabidlab, in which you control a little rabbit who lives in a peaceful rabbit land and needs to pick carrots and other vegetables. The story became interesting when, all of a sudden, it started to rain anvils from the sky! So everybody took refuge underground, and you are the only volunteer in charge of the harvest. Some characters will help you on your long way, explaining how to play and offering some power-ups and items to pick up.

The game is very nice, and kids will really like it. You will enjoy the smooth scrolling and the eye-catching graphics. The sounds and the background music is nice too, but not so great. The controls are simple but somewhat oversensitive if you use your mouse, although the latter is the best option if you prefer to use just one hand. Dodge That Anvil! will mesmerize your eyes and your heart from the very first time. It's colorful, amusing, pleasant and easy to play. You will become an anvil addict very soon.

Don't let the anvils hit you, little harvester! Watch out!

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  • Very low system requirements
  • Pleasant, amusing, simple and addictive


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